„Getting back to the basics can leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and less stressed.“

ETNIKA HOME aim is to provide a tiny houses with turn key solution that gives an exotic accommodation possibilities all year around. We provide help to get away from everyday routine, escape from stressful citylife and reconnect with beautiful Mother Nature.

ETNIKA SAKURA is an exploration about the experince of landscape and technology. It presents itself as a primitive retreat, which more than an object aims to become an every-remote-landscape experience.

It`s compact and efficient design enhances the surroundings of where it is installed and turns them into available landscapes. Every unique Etnika Sakura house is built in factory and comes to the customer in one piece.

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams”


ETNIKA SAKURA is a perfect weekend retreat house that allows you to feel Yourself like you are the part of the nature.

 Exterior design is a combination of  finest and strongest materials: large openable floor-to-ceiling glass fascades, gross laminated timber and thermo heated wood. Big windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of every unique destination. The size of the house is 20 m2.


The house is designed for short-term accommodation and holiday housing.

 Its a small openplan studio-house that fits perfectly a double bed, kitchen, small sitting/dining area and separate bathroom/toilet.

Wooden wall panels are used to give every customer an extra warm homie feeling.

The house has floor heating plus heat pump in order to provide both an extra heating and cooling. The perfect ventilation system gives an extra good inside climate.


Reg. Nr. 11396113
VAT. Nr. EE101155812
Address: Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 4a, 13522 Tallinn.

Riin Uuspõld
Head of Resort Management
Tel. +372 5099265

Rasmus Hirtentreu
Sales of ETNIKA Houses
Tel. +372 5207677